Mermaids hate plastic + 3 times you shouldn’t try Leafology products

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

Happy Summer Solstice!

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, like I am, you might know that the full moon we had a few days ago was called the ‘Rose Moon’, because it’s around now that roses come into bloom. I only found out the name of this paticular moon (I love the fact the moon has different names!) a day after the event, which was when I literally had noticed that the roses seemed to have flourished overnight!

Roses and moons aside, there’s a small announcement and a money-saving special offer for those of you who read to the end, but in the meantime…

Here are 3 times you shouldn’t try Leafology products (yep, really!):

1. When you want to use up what you already have
I get it. That stuff was expensive. That cream may be a tinsy bit synthetic, strongly fragranced and come in a plastic tub, but it’s also won awards, got a celebrity holding it while their hair is blown artfully with a fan and is from a tried and trusted brand. No point wasting it.

2. When you don’t want to change your routine (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)
I get that too – if something is working for you and your skin and hair is looking its best, why on earth would you make a change?

3. When you think a skincare product can bring about a miracle.
This is a big one. Anyone who tells you a skincare product can change your life is lying to you. (I personally found this article about jade facial rollers rather amusing the other day.) Yes, #selfcare and #selflove are important buzzwords and I emphatically DO love indulging in a face mask on a Sunday evening for this reason as well as for what it undeniably does to my skin, but if you think a product will have more impact on your skin than your diet and lifestyle, that’s a mistake! I’m constantly learning about this stuff (I am my own guinea pig 100% of the time) and have gathered quite a bit of knowledge… BTW, if you’d like to hear more on this or have a question I may be able to help with, press reply and let me know!

Finally, a tiny update: some of you may have noticed that, although metal lids on the glass bottles have always been available as options as well as the recyclable plastic pump lids (you select your choice by a dropdown option when adding to your basket), we are leaning towards making metal lids the default. This is because it has always been a strong value of mine, as creator, that Leafology is a pro-zerowaste company, which avoids and discourages the use of unnecessary plastic – hence me spending hours pre-launch sourcing some of the more difficult-to-find containers in the range, e.g. the glass bottle with metal rollerball insert for the eye serum, which also happens to feel nicer on the under-eye skin as there’s no ‘drag’, and the lightweight metal shaker bottle for the Naked Baby Powder, etc. etc. – they cost more to produce but I care about those mermaids (see below).

Artist and creator of the ‘Mermaids Hate Plastic’ campaign, Von Wong, says it best with a wave made of plastic waste:

(I wonder if she’s ever tried the Mermaid Magic Anti-Blemish Face Mask. Probably.)

For now though, until further notice, the recyclable plastic pump lids on the oils/serums (Good Face Day Serum, Overnight Face Food with Mandarin, Carrot Seed & Neroli, Shine Elixir Hair Serum & both Beard Oils) are still available. Many customers like to buy them first, then keep that pump, swapping it over to their new bottle which they buy with a metal screwcap lid.

Just a note about ease of use (as this is a question which comes up): I personally have found that, rather than having less control over the amount of product which is pumped into my fingertips when not using the pump, I actually have more; the trick is to put a finger over the narrow 18mm neck of the open bottle and quickly flick it upside down until the liquid goodness just graces the pad of your fingertip; that way just a small amount is dispersed. Less is more; repeat if necessary.

ALSO, look out for a website update next week: the beautiful and rather revolutionary Renaissance Cleansing Grains, a step above shampoo bars (which can sometimes leave hair feeling greasy/waxy) & replacement for plastic-contained body washes, the wonderfully water-free & gentle cleansing grains are going to be available in larger refill sizes (saving you money), transported to you in paper bags to then fill your own container at home – great for if you’re already hooked and want to bulk buy! To celebrate (and to urge you to try if you haven’t already), each 200ml bottle of Renaissance Cleansing Grains is discounted by £2 for the next week. 

Enjoy that sun if you’ve got it! 🙂


~ Ella ~


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