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Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

One of the funniest (to me) questions I get…  other than ‘Do you make everything yourself?’ (Um yep, don’t I bang on about that enough?) is ‘Do you use these products yourself?

… Actually, the whole reason this range came into being in the first place was because I wanted to play and please myself and create what I couldn’t easily find in Boots (etc.) and heal and nourish my skin. Turning it into a business was definitely only an afterthought, never the original idea. I love that other people get to enjoy what I make, but I am my own first (/number one) customer, basically, and always will be.

It may be a terrible way to begin a business (the antithesis of Dragons Den) but it kinda works: I’ve always just made everything to my own tastes and according to my values and priorities and decided along the way to turn my hand at making it into a bit of a thing* (*technical word for business). So yes, I use these products myself.

If you happen to like the kinds of things I produce (maybe you have a similar nose, or similar views on things, etc.), that’s extremely exciting and I welcome you open-armed into the Leafology world (it’s basically the normal world, but gentler and more artful) and I’m grateful for you.

Eye Make Up RemoverTake off the warpaint with this ultra-simple, non-irritating blend of nourishing plant seed oils + gentle emulsifier. Wipes away even waterproof mascara when you apply with a damp cloth or pad. Blank slates never felt so beautiful!
It is impossible to inhale the contents of this jar without going dreamy-eyed, and it’s all natural. It’s the silkiest, lightweight blend of non-pore-blocking, pure plant oils, a lot of organic rose & rosehip, plus some extra plant magic. Use for cleansing (rinse off), moisturising (leave on), highlighting (cheek bone gleam!), or whole-body luxury; the choice is yours.
Featured photo is by Bjorn Hansen & Ulla Abildegaard

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