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Hello! 🌿Yellow Gold Cleansing BalmI love the manically-bright fuchsia outside my front door so much that, the other day, while saying goodbye to a visitor to my cottage, I absent-mindedly picked up some fallen blooms from the ground and placed them gently back on the stem, as though time could go backwards (like this). You know how, sometimes, you are very aware of how insane you look but it’s too late to do anything about it? Nevermind.Talking of natural colours…. I also love (a lot) the way my skin feels & heals after using this turmeric-yellow, anti-inflammatory-magic cleansing balm, the PURIFYING PRO-GLOW YELLOW GOLD CLEANSING BALM WITH TURMERIC, GREEN TEA, TEA TREE & MEADOWFOAM. I’ve actually never seen anything similar on the market and it definitely has some devoted fans (hence I recently released it in a bigger size, too, after the trial run of it proved popular).I’m often asked if I have any ‘face cleansers’, and yes, yes I do (they’re all in this post!) – though they are not the usual foaming/harsh type which strip away natural oils. These purify yet nurture the skin barrier, balancing natural oils; and impart nutrients while they’re at it.
I love the way the Yellow Gold has tiny particles of turmeric throughout the formula; these actually work to very slightly exfoliate the skin, which leaves things extra smooth. (Also available for exfoliation is the Rose Face Buff, a 2-in-1 clay mask and exfoliation blend.)Yellow Gold Cleansing Balm with TurmericWith organic shea butter, tea tree, lavender and rosemary, the Yellow Gold Cleansing Balm seems to reduce redness and nourish my skin, while lifting away any dirt/grime from the day. I like to apply it with the mini birch wood spoon (pictured above and available here for £1), let it sit while I clean my teeth, then remove it with a damp, dedicated yellow microfibre cloth, so that my skin is left feeling soft and bouncy-fresh. (‘Bouncy-fresh’ is now a thing, I’ve decided)♻️ Glass jar with recyclable metal lid.Free UK delivery.Worldwide shipping.

And, for the more rose-inclined…

(Firstly, please treat yourself to either the The Rose Trio, which includes all 3 of the rose products mentioned in this post for a money-saving bundle price, or The Rose Collection, which expands to products for lips, hands & body too AND qualifies automatically for the ‘Free full-sized surprise product added to your parcel when you spend £85+’ site-wide offer!)Precious Petals Beauty Balm…The beloved PRECIOUS PETALS BEAUTY BALM WITH ORGANIC ROSEHIP, MORINGA & TEA SEED may be an option for you (it’s for cleansing, moisturising, highlighting, simply inhaling…. It’s very multipurpose!)ANDHave you tried the ORGANIC ROSE TONER WITH GREEN TEA, VOLCANIC CLAY, ROSE GERANIUM, ALOE VERA & ROSE QUARTZ?🌟Review: ‘This stuff amazed me – I’ve never had a toner that can work alone overnight without the need for anything else! This smells gorgeous and makes my skin feel so moisturized just by itself. Beautiful packaging too.’ 🌟

ROSE QUARTZ: An extract of rose quartz is included in this toner, simply because it’s one of my favourite stones – I couldn’t resist! Rose quartz is said to be a calming, comforting stone, beneficial for healing emotional matters of the heart and for opening the mind to beauty and love. It’s ground to a powder and prepared with edible glycerin, water and xantham gum in order to drift delicately through the rosewater.

Thank you for putting your trust in the things we lovingly create.

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