❤️ Time to bundle up?

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots
Time to bundle up?I officially turned on my little heater today. My skin was stinging with the chill in my cottage and I thought NOPE. Not doing that, despite everything; I need a nudge of first, autumnal heat.
(Yes, many of us are trying to be frugal, but isn’t health wealth?)I hope you’re warm, wherever you are. 🔥

<<< Click that image to go straight to the ‘Sets & Bundles’ page on the website, and go wild…Bundling up with Leafology means:✅ Saving money compared to buying products individually (these collections aren’t just for gifts, though you can select the option of a simple card gift box if you want; you can order a collection or two for yourself and select ‘standard’ in the dropdown choice if you want them to just come individually wrapped in tissue in your parcel as usual, exactly as if you’d ordered the items all separately).✅ Easy choices: got dry skin? Get the ‘dry skin rescue kit‘. Want to upgrade your haircare? Get the ‘hair help‘. Is someone you know expecting a baby? Get the ‘Mother & Baby‘ collection…. etc.✅ Easy gift buying, by theme or intention. There are actually 21(!) different collection themes, so you’re bound to find the one you need.✅ Boosting your everyday hit of plant-based, non-toxic aromatherapy and multiplying your positive skincare moments with products you can trust to do you good.… You can even get ‘The Whole Shebang‘, which is one each of EVERYTHING in the range, and literally save £100s – you could then split the products and share them among friends/family… (Seems an excellent way to buy Christmas presents in one fell swoop, to me!).…And, dare I hammer home the point (on 30th Sept), there’s even a Christmas bundle. 🎄Please browse the ‘Sets & Bundles‘ page for many (many!) themed bundles. I had fun grouping these together and imagining which things make good companions & solve problems.The entire range, as you know, is:❤️Handcrafted in Oxfordshire.❤️Available with free delivery in the UK + worldwide shipping.❤️ Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably packaged (avoiding plastic) & made with no synthetic colours or fragrances.

Thanks for exploring!

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