Your retro kissing guide (from 1911) 💏

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

It’s always good to share the tips & tricks we discover online, and I couldn’t help wanting to pass the below onto you when I stumbled across it…A Guide to Kissing – from 1911(Who knew it was all about the chin choreography and sighing?)

Superior lip care: we’ve got you covered:

Discover Leafology’s herbal lip balm: the Tea Seed & Olive Wonder Balm:A nourishing blend of plant oils with a relaxing, herbal scent & no petroleum base. I stand by this balm being the best I’ve ever used.I’m totally biased, as I make it myself, but it is really very good.I hear from some of you who tell me you can’t believe how long one 30ml jar lasts – yet it’s perfect to put in a pocket.I originally created this as a ‘bruise balm’ for my Mum, before Leafology went official (full story here), then tried it as a lip balm out of curiosity, and promptly got rid of all my other lip balms. The Tea Seed & Olive Wonder Balm became the very first officially certified product of the range, so will always have a special place in my heart (and handbag, and bedside table).It has a gentle scent of spike lavender essential oil balanced by the medicinal, herbal counterpoints of rosemary and peppermint. It’s softening and soothing, and has anti-viral properties too (great for those prone to cold sores).Take it with you everywhere.Minka, a happy Leafology fan, glamorously whipping hers out at a wedding:

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