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I often receive extremely heart-warming emails from customers who’ve taken a chance on Leafology and lived to not regret it… 💓 Specifically, lots of you ask if we have anything for difficult skin conditions which have been plaguing you for a while, and I often point you to particular products which I’ve heard have worked wonders for others with similar tales.In a nutshell: you are not alone, and we may be able to help!

Jade’s Eczema StoryIsn’t ‘eczema’ an interesting word to spell? Quite amazing that there isn’t an ‘x’ in there. ANYWAY, here’s how to potentially make eczema more of an ‘ex’ situation in your life…Disclaimer: Jade generously sent me some text and photos to share and said she hoped it wouldn’t ‘gross out’ my readers. I assured her it would be helpful – not ‘gross’ at all – and I’m genuinely so happy that she decided to share what works for her – and that she is finding genuine healing. Let me know if it helps!Jade says: ‘I have always suffered from eczema, but it got so bad that I was covered from my neck to my ankles. I was recommended UVB therapy, which cleared it, and now I just get flare ups on my hands.’Photo of a flare up:‘I manage these flare ups with the following 3 steps, which help to ease and clear it:1. Wash with cooled boiled water.2. Apply natural aloe vera (I use it straight from the plant) and leave it for a while.3. Finally, use Naked Baby Balm.’ Jade swears by these steps. Here’s a photo she sent of her hand looking much better:We actually use aloe vera as an ingredient in a few of our products (find which ones, hereas it’s such a wonderful healer. Meanwhile…What is the Naked Baby Balm?The Naked Baby Balm provides plant-based moisture & care for mothers & babies, or for anyone with extra-sensitive skin. This balm contains no added scent (not even any essential oils), just gentle, organic butters & herbal ingredients to soothe dry or irritated skin. No petroleum, harsh chemicals, preservatives or any other added extras.Although I created it primarily for babies and had it certified as such when formulating it, due to the number of testimonials I’ve received about it helping adults and children with eczema, I now recommend it for this too. This was largely a happy accident, that it works so well for so many people, but it makes perfect sense; we just need to keep things simple and gentle, especially for conditions when skin is already inflamed, irritated, painful, itchy and sore.Discover it (and read the full ingredients list) here.Love a money-saving set? The Naked Baby Balm also features in Mother & Baby Bundle:…and The Extra Sensitive Collection:You are also always welcome to email to ask for any recommendations.

Scalp psoriasis? 🤕The Renaissance Cleansing Powder (which is all I personally ever wash my hair with) is also proving helpful for those of you with scalp irritation, flaking or psoriasis.Use it instead of shampoo, and it also doubles up as a body wash, replacing both plastic bottles. It works on skin and hair equally well.Some of the words I’ve received…Rosie: ‘I had started to experience some very annoying scalp issues (dryness, irritation etc.) and no matter how many shampoos and conditioners I tried, nothing was helping. This product was a total gamechanger – it cleared up the issue virtually overnight, and after experimenting briefly with shampoo again later on, I knew the Renaissance was a winner because all those issues came back with a vengeance the second I took a break from it. This is now the only thing I use on my hair – amazing curl power and cleansing power, and none of the scalp problems I had before (no matter how much sugar I eat or booze I drink). Having confidence in my hair again has been incredible. Thank you Leafology!’The Renaissance Cleansing Powder also has frequent mentions in my inbox, such as:‘It really helps my scalp and keeps it calm.’‘I really like it.’And got one of my favourite ever reviews:‘Ten stars. More please.’ About the Renaissance Cleansing Powder:Made with green tea, coconut milk, hibiscus, sage… To be honest, there’s only so much justice I can do it with words, as it’s truly unique (go here to read the full story of why it’s so unique!), but in a brief nutshell, it’s an effective solution to the problem of wanting a shampoo which is gentle, non-drying & made of plantbased, nutrient-rich, natural ingredients and packaged in a recyclable metal bottle.Please note: although it comes to you in powder form, it is NOT a ‘dry shampoo’. It’s better.We hope you’re open to learning new tricks: this is a powder (made of wondrous, nutrient-rich plants!) which you quickly combine with water in the palm of your hand in the shower. Massaging this paste into your wet hair (focus on the scalp, allowing the lengths of the hair to be cleaned when the water washes it through) creates a gorgeous, gentle lather with which to wash away dirt & grease. You may not need to follow with conditioner, depending on hair type.Plus: we send bulk refills (in paper bags) direct to your home (just like with the Tooth Powder, and all other dry products).In addition, the Naked Baby Balm can also help with psoriasis of the scalp. In fact, here’s a word-for-word email I received about it earlier this year: 

‘I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING your baby balm is. I bought some if your products at Blenheim. I have suffered with scalp psoriasis for many years. I had lost a lot of hair, constantly had a scabbed weeping scalp, been on so much medication for it, Until I tried your balm. I have not had any psoriasis for 2 months now and have new hair growth. I put it on every other night and it literally has changed my life !! No words are big enough to show my thanks but I will constantly continue to use your products. People I show are speechless with how different my scalp looks. I’ve just reordered some face goodies but pleeeeese dont ever stop selling you products as they do make miracles happen.’

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