A Very English Garden Tea

image-coming-soonIn Very English Gardens, birds sing, butterflies flutter, ladies sigh, croquet is dallied with, book pages are turned, bees flirt with wildflowers and, sometimes, the sun even comes out.

This pure green tea is a thing of beauty, a jolly dance with blue cornflower, lavender, whole rosehips, rosemary, chamomile, fennel, mint & blue malva (herbs and flowers all native to this small, self-deprecating, emerald isle). Its sweet, floral innocence is a secret garden of its own making, even when it Very Englishly Rains.

To indulge:
Perfect for daytime or relaxation. Add one teaspoon of tea per person (plus one for the pot; golden rule!) to a pot of water just below boiling point. Allow to steep for 1-2 minutes. Keep it green (don’t add milk).

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