A Very Merry Christmas Tea


img_20161218_123257-2All I want for Christmas…

(OK, I’d also like a house, a studio and a boat, but first things first. You’ve got to get the tea right.)

I don’t care if I’m saying so myself; this is the best Christmas Tea I’ve ever tasted, no contest. 

Black tea with orange pieces, cinnamon, clove, star anise and a few other spicy goodnesses bring a parade of sweet, warming heaven to your mouth, while a sneaky twist of juniper berry and fennel keeps things fresh. The sweet under-lull of cardamom (the star of indian chai) makes life extra dreamy, all dancing around on a bed of light & woody, citrus ceylon from Sri Lanka.

The Christmas in this tea is the sort made up of wooden sleighs, starry nights, home-dried orange skins hanging in the window, real green trees (with real candle-holders balancing on its real branches), Lebkuchen, softly tinkling bells, the gentle glow of fire and a warm mug in your hand filled to the brim with something a little bit like… well, this.


You only need to open the classy tin and inhale this gorgeously botanical loose leaf tea to get a quick hit of all the best things about Christmas; but drinking it takes things to a whole new level.

To indulge:
Add one teaspoon of tea per person (plus one for the pot; golden rule!) to a pot of water just below boiling point. Allow to steep for around three minutes. Enjoy black or with non-dairy milk (try coconut) if you prefer.

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