Polishing Shower Butter (Matcha Mojito)

coming-soon-imageI’ve never been to Cuba (it’s on my list, along with ‘everywhere’) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend my pre-legal drinking years becoming something of an expert in this bar classic, the Mojito. Utterly refreshing, there is something about the alchemy of mint and lime (and the sugar, oh and the rum) that does blissful things to your senses.

So glorious is the spearmint plant, I thought I’d cross-reference this punchy scrub with another minty drink of choice (that soothing, sweet hit of clarity, best enjoyed with a fresh tagine and a henna tattoo): Moroccan Mint (Green) Tea. And then I thought of Egyptian Mint Tea (black tea with peppermint); so I added a dash of peppermint, too.

This is my go-to pot of wonder when I need a particularly awakening morning shower. And, as with the Masala Chai Polishing Shower Butter (another day, another mood…), my skin always feels incredibly soft all day afterwards.

Key ingredients/benefits:
Organic Matcha Green Tea & Tea Seed Oil: Full of vitamins and nutrients, tea has an endless plethora of benefits for your body; see here for a comprehensive overview. Expect softened, silky smooth skin and a healthy glow! Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse; richer in those cell-protecting nutrients than any other superfood, some say. It’s what gives this concoction its natural green hue.

Epsom salt crystals: Along with the sugar, epsom salt crystals are excellent exfoliants, sloughing away dead skin in order to leave a beautiful glow and smoother surface finish. Epsom (magnesium sulphate) has long been adored for its high magnesium content (many of us are magnesium deficient, and it is well absorbed through the skin). Salts also help ward off bacteria growth and inflammation, invigorating the skin and helping to boost circulation.

Organic Coconut Sugar: All the better for pretending we are in Cuba with, the brown, caramel-like granules of coconut sugar exfoliate very nicely, easing away dead cells and renewing the layers underneath.

Grapeseed Oil: Loaded with vitamin E, proteins, minerals and linoleic acid; blends with the tea seed oil to nourish skin and hold in moisture.

Lime, Peppermint, Lemon & Spearmint: This powerful trio of pure essential oils is circulation-boosting, awakening and vibrant. An excellent way to start the day!

Uses & Directions:
Suitable for daily use. In the bath or shower, apply a small handful of the scrub over your body in gentle circles before washing away. Your skin is left softened, with a very gentle sheen.
The gorgeous natural plant oils may make bathroom surfaces a bit slippery, so take care.

(INCI list)


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