2021 Natural Health Beauty Awards

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

I’m wiggly with excitement to say that we might-maybe hopefully-possibly be en route to winning yet another award… We’re not quite there yet, but I’ve been contacted by the 2021 Natural Health Beauty Awards, to say that ‘after rigorous testing’ the Tea & Rice Bran Curl Butter has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Curly Hair Product’. The winner is to be announced in August.

I thought I’d tell you a little bit about how I made it and what it is…

Curl Butter Leafology natural hair vegan skincareWhen I was a teenager and took home what felt like the entire contents of Boots’ make up and hair product aisle on a weekly basis, there was a deep conditioner for hair which stood out as being rather brilliant. I can’t remember the brand or name of it anymore, but I remember it was made with rice bran, and for some reason, this ingredient stuck in my mind long after I finished the tub.

Somehow, rice bran seemed like something which could really ‘fortify’ hair (maybe I’d been reading the backs of cereal packets at the time – I never could eat breakfast without reading something!) and to this day I seem to associate rice bran with fortification….

I care about the planet AND I want good hair.

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

Can you relate?!

A little story…

Once upon a time, I was ashamed of all the plastic in my bathroom.

When I first started caring about how much plastic I was buying, it was like my eyes were newly opened. Plastic was all I could see, and it was ugly. A normal trip to the supermarket became a surprisingly confronting experience, where all I could see was brightly-coloured excess and bad design. All that wasteful packaging, destined to end up in our oceans and bother the innocent fish! It made me sad.

It’s here! Renaissance Cleansing Grains <3

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

Since I began creating my own natural skin and haircare products, out of a desire to be really in control of what ingredients I come into contact with (and lessen my unconscious, dangerous addiction to plastic-packaged things), I’ve had people asking me to create a shampoo.

You wanted something natural, nourishing, plant-based, GENTLE and pro-zerowaste.

After the usual EU certification to make it legal to sell, I’m happy to announce that the Renaissance Cleansing Grains for Hair & Body is now available! (Yes it’s a one-stop product for washing your hair and body!)

Photo by Bill Irwin

A unique, effective, nourishing blend, this game-changing formulation is the result of countless tweaks to a recipe I’ve been using myself for a long time.

I am rather fussy about what I put in or on my hair, and struggled to find a decent shampoo that doesn’t come full of sulphates, drying ingredients or which is then packaged in a plastic bottle… I’m happy to say that the solution is here!