Seven Things to Pack for On-The-Road Bliss & Natural Goodness-hood

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

I’m just back from a 2 month trip away (you’ll know all about this if you’ve been following my instagram account, which got a bit green and leafy and very very tropical – lucky me!) and am now deep in the throes of jetlag (generally feeling a bit upside down) and rushing off to things here there and everywhere… I’m excited to say I can now share a little travel-themed guest post I wrote during said jaunt for The Essential Life. In it, I detail 7 different go-to addictions of mine – natural beauty secrets, plant remedies and ingredients without which I simply would not be!


I always take these little beauties (in makeshift pots or decanted into mini bottles) in my backpack/suitcase/carry on with me; high maintenance? Nope. I just like to feed my skin and hair with potent (yet gentle) plant nutrients and sometimes nature really does know best…


Small note: as much as I love coconut oil, it doesn’t get a mention on this blog post. That’s right, it is entirely possible to write a natural skincare article without mentioning coconut! In fact, I think there are a couple (or more) things that may not be so commonly known, perhaps you’ll join me, if you try them, in never going back! …Well, come back from your trip, if you like – I did (back to the land of sunny blue skies and hail in one day) and am freshly in love with the English countryside with its gorgeous bluebells that are blooming everywhere. 

Back soon…!


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