The Whole Shebang – Leafology Mega Collection (Save £175!!!)


Sometimes you just need one of everything…

‘Without a doubt my favorite skincare line.’

The ultimate kit for a natural beauty overhaul. Keep it all for yourself or divide it up into gifts for lucky people around you; either way, we’re presenting this brilliant collection of one of each item in the range.

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Box value: £736
You pay: £561

…..Save £175!!!!!!


Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to own every single item in the Leafology range? Perhaps your bathroom collection needs a rehaul & you’ve decided to treat yourself, or perhaps you want to spread the love by surprising those in your life with gifts thoughtful gift of plastic-free, natural goodness. Whatever the reason, here’s your chance to buy the entire current range at a hefty discount and be the proud owner of it all!

You’ll be sent a bumper box filled with of aaalllll of Leafology’s goodness (that’s everything from lip balms to face masks, body butters to beard oils, hair serums to tooth powder) and you can rest assured that everything has been handcrafted with good (plantbased, love-filled, cruelty-free) intentions & poured by hand for your health & sensory enjoyment.

Included in your box:

1 x Tea Seed & Olive Lip & Multipurpose Wonder Balm (worth £15)
1 x Balmy Gloss for Lippy Roses with Rose, Tangerine & Mint (worth £15)
1 x Cacao & Cardamom Softening Lip Scrub (worth £12.50)
1 x Rose Face Buff with Green Tea, Rose, Rice, Oats & Rosehip (worth £17)
1 x Cleansing Lava Mousse & Mask (Brightening Awakener) with Organic White Tea, Coffee, Neem & Hibiscus (60ml, worth £22)
1 x Mermaid Magic Anti-Blemish Face Mask with Sea Clay, Kelp, Green Tea & Spirulina (worth £22)
1 x Purifying Pro-Glow Yellow Gold Cleansing Balm with Turmeric, Green Tea, Tea Tree & Meadowfoam (worth £15)
1 x Frankincense & Tea Seed Magic Eye Night Serum with Sweet Almond & Chamomile (worth £21)
1 x Organic Rose Toner with Green Tea, Volcanic Clay, Rose Geranium, Aloe Vera & Rose Quartz (worth £17)
1 x Precious Petals Beauty Balm with Organic Rosehip, Moringa & Tea Seed (worth £22)
1 x Eye & Lip Make Up Remover (Gentle, unscented) (10ml, worth £9)
1 x Good Face Day Serum with Green Tea, Raspberry Seed & Juniper (10ml, worth £15)
1 x Overnight Face Food with Mandarin, Carrot Seed & Neroli (10ml, worth £15)
1 x Himalayan Herbal Foot & Body Scrub (worth £22)
1 x Matcha Mojito Foot & Body Scrub (worth £22)
1 x Cacao & Cardamom Foot & Body Scrub (worth £22)
1 x Lady Grey Glow Balm (worth £24)
1 x Coconut, Rose & Walnut Lip, Hand & Body Butter (30ml, worth £15)
1 x Aphrodite Botanic Oil (worth £22)
5 x Leafodorants (one of each version, worth £75)
1 x Naked Baby Balm (Unscented) (worth £15)
1 x Naked Baby Powder with Tea & Calendula (worth £15)
1 x Wild Mother Nourishing Bump Oil with Organic Rosehip, Calendula & Neroli (worth £21)
1 x Renaissance Cleansing Grains for Hair & Body (200ml metal bottle, worth £15)
1 x Shine Elixir Hair Food with 17 nutrient-rich plants, silicone free (10ml, worth £9)
1 x Tea & Rice Bran Curl Butter with Macadamia, Baobab & Andiroba (worth £19)
1 x Black Seed Beard & Hair Tonic (worth £17.50)
1 x Earl Grey Beard & Hair Tonic (worth £17.50)
1 x Decongesting Herbal Steam [Eucalyptus, Green Tea & Clearing Botanicals] (worth £12.50)
1 x Tea & Sympathy Soothing & Decongesting Relief Balm (worth £15)
1 x Natural Bright Tooth Powder (Natural Toothbrushing/Mouthwash powder with Bicarb, Aloe, Xylitol, Calcium, Fennel & Myrrh) (60ml jar, worth £9)
1 x Divine Dusk Soy Wax TealLight Candle  (worth £5)
1 x Divine Dusk Soy Wax Luxury Candle (worth £17)
1 x Dawn Glow Soy Wax Tealight Candle (worth £5)
1 x Dawn Glow Soy Wax Luxury Candle (worth £17)
1 x Lightworker Sun Drops (20ml, worth £22)
1 x Space Spray with Petitgrain, Patchouli, Sage & Lemongrass (worth £17)
1 x Moon Mist with Sandalwood, Chamomile, Rose, Patchouli, Lavender & Nutmeg (worth £17)
1 x 7th Heaven with Black Pepper, Basil, Cedarwood, Apple, Rosemary, Bay Leaf & Pink Grapefruit (worth £17)
3 x Leaf-Aroma Oil Blends (one each of Cloud, Earth & Sun, worth £33)
1 x Mini Birchwood Spoon (worth £1)

Please note that this collection is available all year round and excludes Leafology’s seasonal Christmas products, which can be found here.


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