Divine Dusk Soy Wax Tealight Candle



Leafology’s FIRST EVER tealight candle, ‘Divine Dusk’ is here!

What is this magnificent (mini)beast?

It’s a vegan, clean-burn, low-waste tealight (free of paraffin and synthetic fragrances, so emits only goodness into the air around your home) perfect for lighting in the evening when finishing the day and winding down. The (entirely natural) aroma is a gentle trio of sensualrelaxing & somewhat sultry essential oils; a medley of lavender, basil & cardamom. (Fittingly, I write this with my hands smelling of fresh basil.)

Small and perfectly formed: it comes in a cute, recyclable, screwtop metal tin (the same size as the lip balms) so you can even transport it with you when on the move, if that’s your thing.

(Confession: everything in the Leafology range has the tea plant in it, in some shape or form, but I’m squeezing this into the arena via a tenuous link; a tealight is tea-related, is it not?! Tea lights were originally so-named because they were lit under a teapot to keep the brew warm!).


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