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Since I began creating my own natural skin and haircare products, out of a desire to be really in control of what ingredients I come into contact with (and lessen my unconscious, dangerous addiction to plastic-packaged things), I’ve had people asking me to create a shampoo.

You wanted something natural, nourishing, plant-based, GENTLE and pro-zerowaste.

After the usual EU certification to make it legal to sell, I’m happy to announce that the Renaissance Cleansing Grains for Hair & Body is now available! (Yes it’s a one-stop product for washing your hair and body!)

Photo by Bill Irwin

A unique, effective, nourishing blend, this game-changing formulation is the result of countless tweaks to a recipe I’ve been using myself for a long time.

I am rather fussy about what I put in or on my hair, and struggled to find a decent shampoo that doesn’t come full of sulphates, drying ingredients or which is then packaged in a plastic bottle… I’m happy to say that the solution is here!

The Renaissance Cleansing Grains for Hair & Body:
– is entirely plant-based and simple, combining several ingredients which have long been known to boost hair health (strength and shine) as well as a gentle cleansing agent, making it a pleasure to use.
– is free from sulphates, silicones, preservative, parabens, palm oil, petrochemicals, alcohol and contains no harsh detergents.
– comes as a powder (liquid-free = good for travel!) that you mix with water in the palm of your hand (there is no sophisticated trick to this; it’s very simple and takes two seconds in the shower!) to make into a paste, which then foams up beautifully when massaged into wet hair. For those of us who’ve experimented with the ‘no shampoo’ idea but missed the luxurious feeling of lather, this is the way forward! Crucially, the emulsifying surfactant ingredient is VERY gentle, coconut-derived and good for curly and all other hair types. You might even find (depending on your hair type and especially if it is straight, fine or tends towards oiliness) that you don’t need to follow with conditioner afterwards.
– is for everyone; if you’ve got hair (or a body), this is for you.
– is made with a blend of plant powders including green tea, organic coconut, rice, rosemary, hibiscus and some ayurvedic-inspired ingredients that are a little more unusual in western culture but amazing for hair. (See the product page for a run down on which ingredient is doing what and why!)
– is vegan (of course!)
– contains no synthetic scent; essential oils only (lavender, sage & ho leaf) – the smell is somehow relaxing and enlivening at once.
– comes in a recyclable metal bottle! It’s therefore a good alternative for those who are trying to reduce the amount of plastic they buy (and is a good option for those who, like me, never got on with shampoo bars).
– also makes a perfect nourishing, gentle bodywash in the shower or bath as well as for washing hair; I’ve been using it all over my body for ages instead of showergel, where just a heaped tsp or so is plenty (so that’s another plastic bottle that’s unnecessary!).
– can also be sprinkled into the bath to infuse its aromatherapy and plant goodness into the water

Go and get yours now while initial stocks last!

With love & excellent hair,

~ Ella ~

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