Pink & Yellow (half-price magic) + a hefty chunk of news!

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

A Tuesday hello to you!

I’ve got so much to say I hardly know where to start, but something tells me I should give up the goods in the first paragraph or two, so… Here’s something you might want to know about:

I’m feeling all bright and summery (quite bizarrely so, considering it’s just poured with rain) and want to celebrate Leafology’s brightest, most succulent-hued products with a very special offer…

The following are two of our most popular products in shops and at market stalls because they just look (and smell) so amazing!
– The Yellow Gold Cleansing Balm (bright yellow from the turmeric, which is BRILLIANTLY anti-inflammatory and good for sensitive or problematic skin, along with the rosemary, tea tree, meadowfoam & juniper)
– the Balmy Gloss for Lippy Roses (a luxuriously rich, berry-tinted lip balm, coloured with a natural herb root infusion to leave a very subtle tint on the lips, which is dripping with organic shea, peach, mango butter, tangerine, mint and real rose petals that I pour into each jar by hand)

In case not obvious by now… There are no synthetic dyes/colours (or scents) in Leafology products ever; these are the real deal.

>>>>>Enter the code pinkandyellow at for 50% off your Balmy Glosses and Yellow Golds when you spend £45+ while stocks last.
(Yep, you can even order multiples and get them all half price!)


About those market stalls, I recently went to the Oxford Vegan Market for the very first time, and it was a great success. So exciting and affirming to be in a hall full of INCREDIBLE cruelty-free food (I could not resist ‘Soul Cheeze’, the stall next to me, and had to have one of their almond-based mustard cheese wheels after gazing at them all day long, and the PositiVE bakery opposite me had the most AMAZING chai cake… Apart from that I barely had time to walk around the place as we were just so busy with customers!).

A photo once we’d set up, before the doors opened:

(Flowers in my hair like I really, really care)

BTW: see this post on instagram for some behind-the-scenes and to see why I clearly had to film a video of the ceiling!!

Finally(ish), I can’t tell you how proud and excited I was to be invited recently to speak alongside such extraordinary women as part of a panel event celebrating female bosses in Oxford. Thank you Fitfest for having me along and I can’t wait for the main festival event on 15th June! (See the link for tickets if you’re in the Oxford area!).

The theme of our panel event, work/life balance, is a rich and fascinating topic. I think we all are continuously learning how best to achieve it, and what it means for us in our individual lives. It was so much fun to chat among powerful, inspiring women who are doing great things and the whole room was full of impressive women who either are already achieving or are about to achieve greatness! See here for more about the evening..!

I have so much more news (about our zerowaste packaging and about a new utterly GLORIOUS face serum on its way which contains aloe, juniper, vitamin C, white tea & hyaluronic acid; which I’ve been guinea-pigging for a few months because someone’s got to…. sigh…), but had better stop before your inbox explodes, so will finish with a warm (and excited) welcome to Leafology’s newest partner, ANEW Therapies.

ANEW Therapies for mind, body and mind now uses Leafology’s natural, plantbased products in treatments and is based in the peaceful and calming surroundings of Oxford.

To finish (because can you believe I’m still talking?), have you stocked up on your Tea & Sympathy Relief Balm? THE PERFECT REMEDY for hayfever/allergies/headaches/all manner of purposes our customers are finding… In fact, I’m afraid to say your nostrils are probably somewhat out of vogue unless lightly smeared with eucalyptus, cajeput, camphor and calendula…

Grab it now, and remember to enter ‘pinkandyellow’ code for your half-price treats!

Over and out (for now)!

Love and perfectly-brewed tea,

~ Ella ~

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