A Jolly White Winter Tea

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When you pour your hot water over this chocolate-infused tea, the red cranberry pieces & whole pink pepper corns shine their ruby hues, and the white coconut pieces are reminiscent of snowflakes… A truly virtuous comfort drink, it’s a cross between a hot chocolate & an organic white tea (why choose?)!

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Options available: Recyclable/re-usable glass jar with metal screwtop lid or paper bag refills.

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This dreamy delight is composed of beautiful white tea leaves from China (see below!), and is deliciously spiced with a medley of warming spices over a soothing, gorgeous base of organic cacao & coconut. Truly a wonderful thing to sip in the chilly evenings (it’s a gorgeous cross between a light, healthy tea and a deep, hot chocolate; you feel like you’re being indulgent though it’s actually very healthy!); a magnificent winter warmer and the perfect ‘comfort’ drink.

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Light & crisp & even; Brightly shone the moon!

PAI MU TAN (or Bai Mudan) literally translates as ‘white peony’ – the young tea leaves are sundried, briefly oxidised and not fermented. A fresh, light and delicate tea with hints of fruit, it’s very high in antioxidants and low in caffeine.

The base note, organic cacao, is sweetened with real pieces of organic coconut & balanced with a medley of winter-warmer spices (cardamom, all spice, cinnamon & star anise) that keeps the tongue interested. Although it can be enjoyed at all times of day, it’s especially wonderland-inducing when sipped in the evenings to relax.

The pure, raw ingredient associated with ‘chocolate’, cacao (theobroma cacao, literally ‘food of the gods’) is a historically revered food in many cultures and used in ritualistic ceremonies by the Maya and Aztecs in Central America. Pure cacao is the pure hit of the plant without the side-order of sugar that comes when it the bean is processed into commercial chocolate; this means it’s utterly guilt free – in fact, cacao has been used medicinally through the ages. Its high magnesium content (an essential mineral which can help with stress control, skin issues, mood and sleep) is coupled with some good-mood boosting chemicals which can boost feelings of wellbeing and bliss.

To indulge:
Add one teaspoon of tea per person (plus one for the pot; golden rule!) to a pot of water just below boiling point. Allow to steep for around 5-7 minutes. Enjoy black or with non-dairy milk (try coconut) if you prefer.

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  1. Vanessa Mills

    Absolutely delicious! A healthy hot chocolate or an indulgent tea. Really is fabulous, particularly, as Ella suggests, with coconut milk and a little sugar. I’m on my third packet now and have bought several jars as Christmas gifts.

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