Cacao & Cardamom Foot & Body Scrub


Ideal for chocolate lovers, this is no sickly-sweet, overly-processed ‘chocolate’ product, but instead a real experience with organic cacao and coconut sugar, sensual spices and vanilla. Technically edible, and a true treat (though everyday use is perfectly OK!) which leaves a delicious, warm hum of decadence in its wake. Post shower or bath, your skin is exfoliated and moisturised by natural oils, and will bathe and gleam in the afterglow of gentle care.

Scroll down for the full product story, usage guide and to discover the benefits of each carefully-chosen ingredient.

Recyclable/reusable glass jar with metal lid.

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Organic Cacao & Cardamom Foot & Body Scrub | Leafology natural skincare | ChocolateI have been obsessed with this utterly divine blend ever since I took the Cacao & Cardamom Lip Scrub with me into the shower on a whim to try it as an exfoliating body scrub. I realised immediately I needed to make it available in this bigger jar, for others who too appreciate the finer things in life and see no reason not to smother themselves in pure indulgence as frequently as possible! If you’re like me, you might find yourself gently inhaling your own skin long after the actual shower; the natural scent is truly wonderful and not at all overpowering, and leaves your skin so soft and supple.

Organic Cacao & Cardamom Foot & Body Scrub | Leafology natural skincare | ChocolateUses & Directions
Suitable for daily use. In the bath or shower, apply a small handful of the scrub over your body in gentle circles before washing away (if in the bath, allow the salts & herbs to infuse into the water and pamper your skin with an aromatherapeutic boost). Your skin is left softened, with a very gentle sheen.

Also works beautifully as a hand & foot scrub for softening & exfoliating. Leaves a lingering, warming and delicately spiced scent.

Organic Cacao & Cardamom Foot & Body Scrub | Leafology natural skincare | ChocolateTo preserve this fresh product, please avoid allowing water to enter the jar (keep the lid on!).

Key ingredients/benefits:

ORGANIC COCONUT SUGAR: exfoliates gently, easing away dead cells and renewing the layers underneath. Comes with a pure, unadulterated caramel scent.

COLD PRESSED CAMELLIA (TEA PLANT) SEED OIL: softening, conditioning, anti-inflammatory, rich in anti-oxidants, packed full of micro-Organic Cacao & Cardamom Foot & Body Scrub | Leafology natural skincare | Chocolatenutrients… See this page! This ingredient is responsible for the moisturised glow your skin will be left with, even after rinsing away.

ORGANIC CACAO POWDER: Cacao is the raw plant form of what we know as ‘chocolate’; it is high quality and nutritionally potent. Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C and magnesium, cacao contains omega 6 fatty acids (which helps cellular healing) and a raw enzyme (which helps repair the cell and its rejuvenation).

Organic Cacao & Cardamom Foot & Body Scrub | Leafology natural skincare | ChocolateCARDAMOM, CINNAMON & VANILLA add a certain sweetness and spice to the situation, shimmering and enhancing the flavours in highly-pleasing amber-caramel hues.

Camellia olifera (Tea) seed oil, Cocos nucifera (Organic Coconut) sugar, Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) bark powder, Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) seed powder, Theobroma cacao (Organic Cocoa) seed powder, Aqua (Water), Vanilla planifolia bean extract, Alcohol (a small amount in the vanilla extract only), Sucrose, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

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Organic Cacao & Cardamom Foot & Body Scrub | Leafology natural skincare | Chocolate


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