The Three Maskateers


Worth £61!

The three Leafology masks have three different personalities, and work beautifully on rotation according to the different needs of your skin. Go green (Mermaid Magic) for deep-sea anti-blemish power, go petal pink (Rose Face Buff) for ultra-gentle exfoliation and care, or go rich brown (Cleansing Lava Mouuse & Mask) for earthy, softening, rejuvenation. Each are preservative-free, long-lasting powders, activated by water, and each are potent in plant goodness with absolutely no filler. Why choose?

Included in the collection:

Visit the above links to read about each individual product in more detail.

Products come individually wrapped in tissue paper as standard. For an additional, simple card box with handwritten gift tag, please select ‘gift box’ option.



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