The Rose Collection


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The humble-yet-queenly rose is globally adored for its subtle, joyful scent, elegance and beauty, and is also a mainstay ingredient in traditional herbal remedies and skincare. Included in various forms throughout this handcrafted collection (via steam-distilled petals, as organic floral wax, as organic hydrosol, as ground petals, as rosehip seed oil and as an infusion), rose is balancing for the skin, refreshing and cooling, gentle, soothing, astringent, calming for mind and body, and utterly timeless in its all-round plant genius.
This is a very special collection of six stand-alone odes to rose; a high-quality gift or treat-for-self which speaks of love.

The Rose Collection Leafology natural skincare

Included in the collection:

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Products come individually wrapped in tissue paper as standard. For an additional, simple card box with handwritten gift tag, please select ‘gift box’ option.

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