No Big Deal but NEW PRODUCT ALERT! (+ how would Shakespeare put his best face forward? I’ll tell you.)

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The other day, I watched an outdoor performance of Romeo and Juliet set in the grounds of Oxford Castle (I don’t believe summer evenings can get more quintessentially English). They say (and by ‘they’ I mean Juliet) that a Rose is a rose by any other name (‘That which we call a rose / By any other word would smell as sweet). It’s true, and there’s no mistaking the rosy purity with which this email is unapologetically drenched. I’ll get straight to it:

There’s a new bottle on the block and I think you’re going to like it.

Some of you noticed (and emailed me) about the fact that the Rosewater Toner was sneakily whisked away from the website’s limelight and went into hiding for a while… Well, it’s back – and back for good (Shakespeare and Take That in one email?) – with a revamp: it still comes served in the beautiful, lightweight metal bottle (because plastic is so last century), albeit with a new jazzy font colour (do you like it?), but added into the mix of the organic Bulgarian rose has been added real rose quartz extract (an all-time favourite stone of mine, utterly peaceful and beautiful in its milky-cloudy-blush hue) and aloe vera, which hydrates, soothes and heals like no other. The scent is still pure rose (alcohol-free, organic & steam distilled from billions of roses) with rose geranium essential oil, which balances sebum levels and makes you want to inhale your hands if you happen to spill it on yourself (ahem…). The volcanic clay which drifts in clouds through the toner (with the infused, antioxidant-flooded green tea) draws out impurities so that your skin feels clean without tightness afterwards. Utterly refreshing.

Sounds sort of fun. What’s it for?
… I use mine morning and night to refresh, tone and leave skin delicately ‘new’ feeling. It really is a total pleasure to use. It’s a one-step possibility for cleansing if you don’t wear heavy make up, works wonderfully as a final step after using the Yellow Gold Cleansing Balm, or chimes beautifully either after or before the Precious Petals Beauty Balm (the chronology depends on whether you’re using the latter as a cleansing oil or as a leave-on moisturiser). If you feel inspired to pour a little into your hands and run it through your just-washed hair for it to dry with a little rose-scented pick-me-up, I certainly wouldn’t be one to judge.

How does it work?
…Full info about each individual ingredient (its benefits and properties) can be found via the following link, and if you are ready to be ready, click on through to buy yours now.

AND AND AND, simply because I can’t resist and I want everyone to try it: every order placed between now and the end of the month receives a free 5ml sample, which comes in a glass vial with a metal screw-cap lid – basically the cutest thing on earth and glorious for weekend trips!

Postage and packaging remains free of charge on all orders within the UK when you spend over £30. Worldwide shipping is always gladly available.

May your day come up roses & I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Love and perfectly-brewed tea!

~ Ella ~
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