Month 4 – Spicy Orange, Metal Stars & How to START

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

‘Monday Monday, so good to me’ …is a lyric embarrassingly (yet calendricularly-appropriately) stuck in my head today (The Mamas and Papas song is being sandwiched into my December choir group performance and I have an excessive number of ‘bah dah, bah, dah dah dah’s in my head post-rehearsal, alongside the more traditional O Little Town of Bethlehem, O Come All Ye Faithful and an alarmingly-intricate-yes-pleasingly-challenging alto part to We Wish You A Merry Christmas).

But you didn’t ask about any of that.

Instead I’ll tell you about 3 exciting updates on the wild and innocent world of Leafology.

May I present:


    Don’t know where to start with your Leafology journey, or looking for the perfect gift? This trio of some of our most popular potions (with an emphasis on overnight magic) comes in a beautiful little drawstring bag (eco-friendly and endlessly re-usable), all tied up for you or someone you think deserves something splendid.


    Each brightly coloured, sustainable, natural fibre pouch contains:

    1 X Overnight Face Food with Mandarin, Carrot Seed & Neroli (10ml)

    1 X Frankincense & Tea Seed Magic Eye Night Serum (+ Sweet Almond & Chamomile) (12ml)

    1 X Tea Seed & Olive Lip & Multipurpose Wonder Balm (30ml)

    These are the full size versions of the eye serum and wonder balm and the starter/travel size of the Overnight Face Food (which also comes in larger quantities, should you become addicted; it happens!). All three nourish and nurture the face, lips and eye area through days and changing seasons, and I personally wouldn’t be without any of them.

    >>> Full info about each product (and a quick buy now button for saying YES to this in your life) on the site here.


    Yes, Leafology has it’s very own House Blends section of the site (because it would have been rude not to) and you can now buy the original A Very Merry Christmas Tea (think orange, spices & smooth ceylon with a juniper/fennel twist) and/or A Jolly White Winter Tea (think antioxidant white tea, coconut, cacao & spices for a hot chocolate/tea hybrid – the tea for the thinking hedonist in your life). These make absolutely perfect stocking fillers; you can get both for £15 (a nice little twin pack of the two beautiful loose leaf teas, each presented in an elegant and recyclable glass jar) and even throw in a sweet little star tea strainer for those who like to dabble festively in the art of tea leaves and mouthjoy.

    LEAFY NATURAL REMEDY (for the cold season)
    Leafology has got your back in not-one-but-two natural ways this winter. The Decongesting Herbal Steam is glorious for blocked noses and foggy heads (plus you get to alarm those around you by ducking under a towel and getting hot and un-bothered) and now available is a limited edition EXTRA SPEARMINT version of the Tea & Sympathy Relief Balm (while stocks last).

    The Tea & Sympathy (Soothing & Decongesting) Relief Balm is a potent blend of organic coconut, tea seed & gentle calendula, infused with cajeput, eucalptus, double mint & rosemary essential oils to power through your airways and brighten you up – the perfect thing to rub around your nostrils when you’re feeling snotty and disgusting; it smells so zingy and fresh and inspires big, deep breaths the way nothing much else can when you’re struck by a horrible cold. Zero petroleum, parraffin or beeswax; decent on your skin.

    …And a bonus fourth thing, while I’m here:

Don’t know what to get the viking in your life?
Take a look at these ultra-natural, nutrient-rich beard & fuzz oils, ready for whatever stage of his follicular journey the person you are thinking of may be (because a well-kempt face is the way forward, however historica/mythological he may be)… Made with tea seed, juniper, jojoba, hemp, andiroba, argan, baobab, cedarwood, citrus, black pepper, bergamot, coriander & black seed, the Earl Grey Stubble & Beard Oil and Black Seed Stubble & Beard Oil are well worth a sniff.

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