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Why should I use a toner in my skincare routine?

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Leafology natural skincare Organic Rose TonerNews: The beautiful, green-tea-infused Organic Rose Toner is now available with a spritz lid option, for those of you who prefer to mist your visage with a refreshing potion rather than apply with a cotton pad.

If you’re not sure why you might like a toner in your skincare routine, read on…

Why you might like to use a ‘toner’…

Toners can be used as a light & gentle one-step way of refreshing your skin or as the perfect finish after cleansing/removing make up (e.g. with the Yellow Gold or Precious Petals balm). I personally find it makes a really relaxing part of my skincare ritual at both morning and night, and I love knowing it’s so gentle and good to my skin as well as leaving it feeling very fresh and nourished.

Toners are typically astringent (i.e. they help clarify and tighten pores) are left on the skin rather than removed. They can optionally be followed with moisturisers/serums (such as the Good Face Day Serum or the Overnight Face Food).

The Organic Rose Toner contains green tea, real rose, aloe vera, volcanic clay (shake the bottle to mix before using!) & rose quartz extract. (Click the link to read about why you might want to wear those things on your face!)

‘This stuff amazed me – I’ve never had a toner that can work alone overnight without the need for anything else! This smells gorgeous and makes my skin feel so moisturized just by itself. Beautiful packaging too.’

BTW, if you’re wondering why I’m so obsessed with tea (and why it’s in every product except the tooth powder), click here and all will become clear (maybe even your skin).

Organic Rose Toner: Uses & Directions:
Shake well (the clay and green tea particles will drift through the toner, which is a naturally light amber/green hue) and gently stroke over face and neck with cotton pad or cloth.

It’s also lovely to use as a cooling mist (using the spritz cap option) and if you feel inspired to  run it through your just-washed hair for it to dry with a little rose-scented pick-me-up (aloe vera imparts a little ‘hold’ as well, by the way), I certainly wouldn’t be one to judge.

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