Durdle door | How to save money and the planet buying natural skincare

Q: What’s a good way to save the planet AND save money on skincare?

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

A: Buy in bulk, using Leafology’s ‘self-refill’ options! We now post refills to your door (in light, carbon-footprint-saving paper bags) for all seven of our dry/powder products, in addition to your tooth powder and shampoo/bodywash equivalent. Our packaging has always been important to us. We hope you agree this is a step forward!

Q: How does it work?
A: Easy! Buy your first jar or bottle to look good on your shelf (or as a gift), then top up your new fave with a paper-bag bulk refill as you go along. You could also skip the first purchase of the bottle/jar and go straight for the refill, decanting the product into your own at home (though we rather like our elegant, fresh packaging).

Bulk/refill options are now available on all of the following products:


The exfoliator… A gentle, softly-softly approach to exfoliating, this oh-so-gentle scrub also doubles up as a mask; leave on for 10 mins first before rinsing away to allow the clay to dry and experience a deeper clean. Contains real rose petals, green tea, soothing oats, rice & rosehip




The ‘I can breathe again’ steam… The old-fashioned (& hugely effective) way to decongest when you’ve got a blocked nose or need a calming hit of a relief from a headache or tension. A spoonful in a small bowl of hot water, towel over the head; breathe easily again. (Just opening the jar and inhaling can also help!)





The talc-free, multipurpose, silky-soft powder… A mild & gentle alternative to talc – & itcomes in a lightweight, recyclable metal (not plastic) bottle! Made with natural plant ingredients, a touch of calming lavender, plus skin-soothing calendula & tea seed oil, suitable for babies or as a general body powder (or even a dry shampoo!). It’s also a miraculous wet-sand remover on the beach!


The ‘transform your shower forever’ shampoo AND bodywash replacer… A unique, effective solution to the problem of wanting a shampoo which is gentle, non-drying & made of plantbased, nutrient-rich, natural ingredients and packaged in a recyclable metal bottle. This is a powder (made of wondrous, nutrient-rich plants!) which you quickly combine with water in the palm of your hand in the shower, creating a gorgeous, gentle lather with which to wash away dirt & grease from your hair and body.


The deeply-softening lava magic (face and body mask)… This total delight of a mask fizzes up when activated with water, creating a clay-drenched mousse destined to gently clean & soften skin. Ingredients include hibiscus, Moroccan rhassoul clay, organic white tea AND coffee, neem, mandarin & rose quartz extract (for extra pampering effect!); a true treat.



The mineral magic… A natural powder to replace your toothpaste (and mouthwash), made with no synthetic ingredients or scents, packaged in glass. No more time spent squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste!





The ‘go to’ for break outs… The first thing I turn to when a possible breakout is looming; use to balance oily skin or as spot treatment (either way, the jar lasts a long time!). Activate with water to shrink blemishes miraculously & leave skin feeling exceptionally refreshed. Turns faces a vibrant shade of ‘Shrek’ for bonus fun (& due to the kelp & spirulina content). Go green!



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