Natural skincare tips for campers, festival goers & minimalists!

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

It’s been a whirlwind of a week/month for me – on top of preparing for the brilliant 3-day Handmade in Britain event at Waterperry Gardens (hello and welcome if I met you there!), watching the amazing Hans Zimmer at the O2 in London (HIGHLY recommended!) and releasing Leafology’s first perfume, Bloom (recent review: ‘Oh my goodness so gorgeous! Love wearing it in the day or even at night before bed.‘*),  I visited a very good friend who decided to leave England for Portugal 2.5 years ago, where she’d bought some land in an act of rebellion against the British weather.

Totally off-grid, we’re talking compost toilets, solar power lights and water pumped up the mountain from the river. I stayed in a tent and embraced the ‘back to basics’ vibe.

No twelve-step skincare routine for me (actually, this is never my reality – I like multipurpose luxury and products that work, without the faff, which is why I created them!), but I do have some tips for anyone packing for an upcoming trip…

Read on for my top, natural ‘I’m so glad I had these!’ recommendations for an easy routine while travelling, camping or at festivals this summer…

…Yes, minimalism can feel luxurious.

FIRSTLY: The 3 bare minimum, bear necessities (forget about your worries and your strife) 🙂 

🏕️ 1. It was a bit of a walk up the hill from my tent to the ‘bathroom’ area, so I embraced my inner cave woman and brushed my teeth out in the wilderness, using the tooth powder I’ve used for years now, morning and evening, instead of unhealthy plastic-contained toothpaste. (FYI, my dentist says, ‘whatever you’re doing, just carry on.’). Quick swill afterwards with a bottle of water, and I spat it out onto the ground near my tent. (Sorry if you were expecting more class!)

🏕️ 2. In a world filled with natural deodorants which utterly fail to work, I am consistently thrilled with the effective odour-control of the Leafodorant, which comes as a push up stick inside a compostable cardboard tube. Although a deodorant was requested by customers for quite a while before I created and released one, I’m really glad I waited until I had a formula I was truly happy with – the magnesium, zinc and herbal extras are quite unique (no bicarbonate of sodium in sight – this causes irritation for many people). I had with me on this particular trip the Rosemary, Bay & Sandalwood option; other natural scent blends are available. I always felt perfectly lovely. 🙂

🏕️ 3. For a one-stop hair and body wash in the shower (which I had cold, Wim Hof-style, despite there being a hot-water pump option – for some reason I quite enjoyed the thrill of it – no one is more surprised than myself!): the Renaissance Cleansing Powder, which lathers up into a gentle froth when you apply to wet hair/skin, is all I ever wash my hair with. Packaged in metal, with refills available in bulk paper bags which we send to you directly, it’s truly gentle, effective and a joy to inhale in the shower; made with green tea, hibiscus, organic coconut milk powder and more…

THEN, if you want to add in a couple of little luxuries (because small pleasures are important!):

💐 The Organic Rose Toner is so incredibly refreshing and cooling. It’s a go-to recommendation from me for customers with sensitive skin and also very calming for skin which has been overly exposed to the sun. Use as a one-stop cleanser, morning and night (no need for an additional cleanser if, like me, you are mostly make up free on holiday and just want to feel clean and clear). Made with volcanic clay, rose geranium, aloe vera, green tea and rose quartz, it’s really gentle and soothing and leaves a really soft feeling, clarifying the skin without drying.

❗❗❗ BONUS HACK (something I do even at home, which is also incredibly practical while away): here’s how to transform your Organic Rose Toner into cleansing wipes, for ultra-easy refreshment of face and body (great when camping!):

1. Fill up a small, leaf-proof tupperware container, tin or jar with some re-usable pieces of material or make up wipes (I actually use some lint-free nail polish remover wipes which I bought back in the days when I had a gel nail home kit!).
2. Pour in some Organic Rose Toner over the top, making sure the pads are fully saturated.
3. Pull out a wipe and use on the face or body as needed!

My current set up in my bathroom (this cute mini jam jar is one I took home after an ‘Afternoon Tea’ hen do at Fortnum & Mason):

💐 The Tea Seed & Olive Wonder Balm is a godsend for dry/chapped lips, and a handbag essential at all times, in my opinion. It’s a total all-rounder. (See this page for alternative uses for all Leafology products!) I always find the lavender, peppermint and rosemary essential oil blend very calming, and it gives a slight cooling tingle too. (Excuse me while I put some on right now!)

FINALLY, for a touch of sun protection (without harsh chemicals, clogging pores or feeling sticky):

🌞 The Lightworker Sun Drops has got you covered (literally). Mineral magic for face and body; a light and easily-absorbed barrier to veil the skin from the sun and elements while doing good things to the complexion. Wear rain or shine, and enjoy the sun! This gentle, calming blend of non-nano zinc oxide and protective plant oils is non-greasy, doesn’t cause breakouts (in fact topical zinc is often prescribed for acne!), and leaves a mattified glow (suitable for use under make up or worn alone). Smells dreamy, with skin-boosting benefits.

… OK, I’ll admit I also had with me a few extras, such as the Himalayan Herbal Body Scrub (decanted into a mini tupperware) and the tinted Balmy Gloss for Lippy Roses, but the above were my true ‘essentials’. Maybe your choices would be different!

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