Are boys allowed?

Leafology Journal: Leaves, Shoots & Roots

I’m sometimes asked, ‘Do you have anything for men?Although perhaps not always obvious, the answer is a big ‘Yes!’ Anyone can use the products.

Boys CAN play here.

Below is a run down of the products I find most popular with the men among us. (And if you are a man reading this, thank you for realising how welcome you are!)For a general facial moisturiser, the Good Face Day Serum with Green Tea, Raspberry Seed & Juniper is popular, effective and has a gentle, subtle herbal smell (not overly ‘floral’) and works wonders on dry/sensitive skin.

Other Leafology products which are particularly popular with men include:
▶️ Naked Baby Balm (unscented) (a very practical, unfragranced all-rounder, especially for sensitive/eczema-prone skin)
Leafology Baby Balm Natural Skincare▶️ Matcha Mojito Foot & Body Scrub (for minty-fresh shower power)
▶️ Leafodorant (natural deodorants that actually work)
Leafodorant natural deodorant▶️ Beard & Hair Tonics (can be used on beards and head hair)
Beard & Hair Duo▶️ Tea & Sympathy Soothing & Decongesting Relief Balm (a decongesting balm used for insect bites, colds, hay fever and muscle aches)

▶️  Mermaid Magic Anti-Blemish Face Mask (our award-winning mask for oily/blemish-prone skin)
▶️ Cleansing Lava Mousse & Mask with Organic White Tea, Coffee, Neem & Hibiscus (coffee/sandalwood smell, for clearing and also softening skin)
▶️ 7th Heaven room spray (arguably ‘masculine’/woody smelling)
Leafology 7th Heaven room spray and pillow mist▶️ Space Spray with Petitgrain, Patchouli, Sage & Lemongrass (herbal/fresh/unique, good for rooms/bathrooms/cars and even body spray)
Space Spray Natural Vegan Skincare▶️ Tooth powder (a plastic-reducing everyday item which is a bit of a game changer!)
▶️ Tea Seed & Olive Lip & Multipurpose Wonder Balm (for tingly lip protection and on-the-go moisturising care)
Leafology Natural Skincare Tea Seed & Olive Wonder BalmThe entire range is open to everyone, but these are good starting points and make lovely gifts. Also see The Leafology Christmas Gift Guide for more ideas and do stay tuned for products coming soon!

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